How to Wrap a Box Without Tape?

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There are several ways for a wrap box to be wrapped without the use of tapes. These ways include the strategic folding, use of glues and ribbons and the Piroshki style of packaging.

Boxes are used all around the world for several reasons. They have been used since a long time, and the reasons for the use have differed too. The main reason to use the cardboard cases was to ensure the safety of the products kept in during the transportation process from one place to another. People used these cases to pack almost every kind of goods and materials. From rare artifacts to single items, these cases were, and are used for various reasons. As times changed, the reasons for the use of these cases also did. At this moment of time, these boxes are generally used to promote and advertise the brand. The massive amount of decorations and designing have led many brands to boost their sales and to attract customers by the help of outstanding ideas of packaging and casing these boxes. Nevertheless, the actual reason is still the same, i.e. safety of products.

There are several ways, which enhance the outlook of a simple brown box. These ways include outstanding designing techniques like using different materials for manufacturing the case, use of prints (logos, taglines), and the use of colors. Another way of increasing the outlook is by the use of wrapping paper to make a wrapped box. Wrap boxes are used to give gifts to hide the kind of gift that is being offered. These papers and boxes add up to increase the element of surprise for the receiver. This section is about the wrapping of a case without the use of any tapes, which again, is to enhance the outlook and the appearance of the gift. There are several ways by which a gift can be wrapped without the use of any kind of tape. Some of these ways are as follows:

 Tie the gift up

To give a traditional and conventional look to the gift wrap boxes is to use ribbons or a fancy thin rope after wrapping it with the kind of paper that you want to. The way to wrap a case like this is just by doing everything that you do when you have to use the tapes and instead of them, apply a ribbon around the wrapping packaging to make it hold. If the gift that you are going to give is significant, you can use double fabrics or can wrap twice to make sure that it contains.

The Piroshki It

One of the best ways for the wholesale gift wrap suppliers is to use the Piroshki idea. This technique is originated from Japan and does not require any material like tape, glue, ribbon, etc. for the wrapping of gifts. The Piroshki name refers to the traditional way of gift-wrapping by the use of cloth and using cloth is an alternative to the use of papers which is more eco-friendly.

 The use of stickers

Another way for the wrap my box suppliers is to use the stickers to join and firm the edges where the tape is supposed to be. These are the perfect substitute for tape, and these look much better and eye-catchy. The stickers come according to the events like for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc.

 The use of glue

One of the best ways to make sure that the appearance of the box is maintained without the use of tapes is to use the glue to stick the end. This not just increases the visibility of the custom wrap boxes, but it also keeps the paper firm and steady for longer periods. Using glue sticks can ease your job of wrapping, and it adds the benefit of being invisible. The best way to use glue is to apply a skinny layer of it to the insides of the edge of the paper. An important point of note at this stage is to make sure that you only apply the glue on sides of the article, which is meant to overlap the other one. You do not want the hand of the receiver feeling stickiness by holding the gift wrap boxes wholesale.

Strategic folding

To increase the traffic of customers for your wholesale gift wrap supplies is to use the strategic folding. If the folding is done which perfectly fits the end into the other sides, there will be no need for any different kind of adhesive. Although, the use of some ribbons to be a hundred per cent sure that it will hold will never hurt.

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