How do I Import a WooCommerce Product into WordPress?

How do I Import a WooCommerce Product into WordPress?

You can simply import and export your Woocommerce variable stuff using the CSV Import Suite. This expansion allows you to mass import and export every type of trade, making it difficult to move large, extra-advanced goods of any kind.

In this weblog post, I will show you how to import variable goods and their product variants using the CSV Import Suite extension.

What are the product variations?

WooCommerce product variations plugin come straight out of the box after being included in Woocommerce on your WordPress web site. Haven’t you done it yet? Follow this link to select one of all our custom ViewCom packages, or to select one, and we can do everything for you.

A convertible product can be a product that you sell at your online store that comes in many varieties, and you want your customers to decide on the options that they like best.

Setting Up Your Product Features

When fitting this jacket on your Woocommerce online store, you will select “Convertible Products”.

Say you are a professionalism jacket, and people jackets are available in many different sizes such as Small, Medium and Large(S, M, L).

Next, you will get the features of your product and its values ​​to set. For your jacket, your specialty will be the size, and your prices will be S, M & L. If you found another feature, say that jackets are available in completely different colors, then produce an additional feature called “color”. Set values ​​(blue, gray, etc.)

Make your changes

Once all your attributes are sorted, you will start creating your variations. Say you have different costs for your giant blue jacket than your medium blue jacket, then you will have 2 variations:

  • Size Massive Blue
  • Shape blue

You can then set completely different costs, shipping details, specials, etc. on this variation. If you do not have a separate cost, you will additionally set a default. Simply put, all colors are the same, however, sizes have different costs. Then you will determine the variations:

  • Size mass default
  • Size Medium Default
  • Size Small Default

How to import your product variations?

The most important issue to remember is that you will have to import your original product initially. The basic product is the “variation jacket” itself. Once you go to “Products” in your WordPress admin menu, you can realize a list of basic stuff. If you want to establish how to import the original product, have a look at our earlier weblog post.

Once you receive your original product overseas, the time comes to display your product variations. WooThemes provides a sample guide that shows that you were there to facilitate all your data. They additionally give a list of column headers that can guide you through the naming method. Within the image below, I copied their guidance and added their data for the “variation jacket”.

Above you will see that I inserted the goods name within the “parent” column and later the parent SKU within the column as well. Post_parent_ID is the ID of the original product. You may want to include the original SKU or root ID. Post_status means that once you upload it, the merchandise is in the state you just delivered (draft, publication, etc.).

The last 2 columns show various variations that may be foreign. I suggest you talk to the sample guide and column header reference page after installing it.

After fitting your CSV document, it’s time to import the stuff with the CSV import suite. Go to WooCommerce-> CSV Import Suite and make better choices for importing variations. You may then be able to transfer the file you have prepared. Wherever you map the fields (you will also map the fields while uploading the original product) you can be taken to the district. A mapping field means that you may be able to confirm that the column names in your CSV files are correct.

Finally, you need to click “submit” and your product variety may be foreign.

The conclusion

Importing product variations are a feature of the Merchandise CSV Import Suite extension. During this weblog post, the goal was not to present you technically, however, to introduce you to the feature. Currently, you will be able to decide whether this extension is the right improvement for your on-line look.

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