Natural ways of purifying the blood

Blood is something which needs proper detoxification so that the human body stays away from unnecessary diseases and complications. It is very much necessary to keep the blood clean and toxin free so that they can do all the proper functioning that are needed in the body.

Also kidneys and liver always needs pure blood to function well. Hence everyday detoxification is very much needed. There is Ayurvedic syrup for blood purification which one can use on a regular basis if they think they need it. Also there are certain home remedies that one can use in this detoxification process.

Lemon juice

This can always clear the blood and the digestive tract as well which can hamper the health if they do not function well. Lemon juices are acidic in nature and they can always alter the PH levels which can remove the toxins from the blood. There are a lot of pathogens and viruses that are unable to survive if there is an alkaline environment. One can drink a glass of fresh lemon juice every morning and that too in empty stomach so that it can remove all the unwanted material in the body. One can also mix it with lukewarm water and drink before breakfast.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda

This is another great combination which can help in maintaining the pH level of the body. This can also clear the body tissues and bloods. This is a concoction that removes uric acid from blood and then purifies it. One can put 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and half a table spoon of baking soda in a glass and then keep it for a while. Once the fizz settles down one can add some water and drink the mixture. This will be really effective.


This leaf has a lot of anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. And this one is a great herb to purify the blood and also to remove the toxins from the liver, blood and kidney. This herb can remove the toxins through the urine. One can crush at least 6 to 7 basil leaves and then add it to a brewing cup of tea to drink it down to get the best results.


This one is also a great healer. It can clean the blood and can also fasten the healing process. There is curcumin present there which is great to fight inflammations. This can also regenerate the red blood cells and can fight back the regular problems in the body.


The best way to flush out the toxins from the body naturally is to drink as much water as one can. This can make the blood pure and helps all the organs to function properly. This also aids the flow of minerals, and vitamins in the body.

If one wants to buy shudh raktashodhak online they must check if they have useful ingredients like sessam, guduchi, trivit and gulab. All of these are really effective in purifying the blood.

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