Reasons why patients choose Neograft Hair transplant?

Neograft hair best transplant clinic Punjab Chandigarh India

The number of patients undergoing a Neograft hair transplant in India exceeds the first time those seeking this type of treatment outside the country. The specialization of the sector and prices, each Once more competitive, these are some of the reasons that cause the increase in patients who decide to implant their hair in India, forgetting other foreign countries.

There are a number of important reasons why patients decide to perform this surgical intervention in specialized clinics in the country. We comment them below:

The closeness: first of all, it is undoubtedly one of the reasons that have more weight in the decision. And, patients value very much being able to perform the hair implant in their home city, without having to travel to other countries.

The price: The choice of foreign clinics was based primarily on the very cheap prices offered to patients. But, currently, the rates established in Neograft hair best transplant clinic Punjab Chandigarh India is as competitive as foreign ones; little by little they have been able to adapt to meet the needs of consumers, maintaining the specialized, innovative and effective techniques that are necessary for these hair grafts.

Specialization: Each time professionals in the sector are more specialized and trained in this type of surgical interventions and even come from prestigious international clinics.

Personalization: Each case is unique, therefore, it is studied thoroughly and the patient is carried out a series of exhaustive tests to know what the specific needs are and apply the procedure that best suits you.

Hair transplantation can be used on a case-by-case basis in almost all indications of baldness and also in reconstructive surgery. It should be noted that standard hair loss is the original baldness due to androgenic alopecia, it accounts for over 95% of applications.

In humans, most baldness can be grafted. In young, bald men with advanced baldness, the treatment may be difficult because it requires a lot of hair and a high density in the crown. This indication is to be discussed on a case by case basis, in consultation.

Why using foreign hair for your hair implants are impossible?

Grafted hair that is foreign to your body can not be used for hair implantation. The immune defenses of your body will reject them because they will be identified as foreign bodies. If foreign follicular units were transplanted during a hair transplant, lifetime drug therapy would be required. Although theoretically possible, this method is therefore proscribed in practice.

Why make a Neograft hair transplant?

Before you decide on a Neograft hair transplant, you must define the desired length and color. If you want to change the hairstyle, it is possible to remove hair again. A Neograft hair transplant is a good alternative. The method is ideal for filling thinned areas. If you have bald areas or advanced baldness, Neograft hair implantation is ideal.

After the procedure, it is imperative to go home, you will not have bandages, and a prescription is to be respected with analgesics, a tablet to sleep. A discomfort in the scalp and some pains can be felt due to tension in the scar, but this is calmed, in principle by the prescription of the doctor.

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